Wildlife Workshops in Canada
Join Me on one of the best Wildlife Photo Workshops in Canada

Photography Workshops in Canada for wildlife

Wildlife Photo Workshops in Canada for grizzly bears, caribou, musk ox, elk, birds of prey, birds, snowy owls, moose, arctic fox, red fox, canada lynx, black bears, humpback whales, orca whales.


2018 Photo Workshops for Wildlife

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Clowns of the Sea

Newfoundland, Canada

Dates: July 29 to August 4, 2018

Instructors: Kevin Pepper and Jeff Wendorff

Newfoundland is an astonishingly wild and beautiful island in the North Atlantic. Newfoundland provides the nature and wildlife photographer a great trifecta of targets: birds, whales, and icebergs!

Newfoundland (new-fund-land) is a nature photographers dream. There are 35 million shorebirds (140 times the human population) and 22 species of whales including the largest population of Humpback Whales in the world to keep your camera clicking. The last of Newfoundlands photography trifecta is the icebergs. Newfoundland’s Iceberg Alley is the best place on earth to photograph the beautiful 10,000-year-old ice.


Caribou Migration

Nunavut, Canada

Dates: September 5 to September 12, 2018

Instructor: Kevin Pepper and Marc Muench

Come and photograph one of the largest Caribou migrations in North America, the 250,000 strong Quamirjuaq caribou herd.

Together we will experience the reward of autumn colours of the tundra – crimson reds, vibrant yellows and shimmering oranges as a backdrop to caribou with full racks that can, at times, walk within meters of you.


2019 Workshops for Wildlife

BC Birds Galore

British Columbia, Canada

Dates: January 6, 2019 to January 11, 2019

Instructors: Jeff Wendorff and Kevin Pepper

This photo workshop is centered on the largest bald eagle migration in North America. Between 2000 to 8000 bald eagles find their way to this area beginning in late October to feed on the spawning salmon. They then stay in the area until later in the winter months to have their young before returning to their summer area in Northern BC and the Yukon.

But there are other bird species we will see as well... owls, song birds, geese and ducks

We have two spots available

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Dates: February 4, 2019 to February 10, 2019

Instructor: Kevin Pepper

Calling all photographers that have always wanted to photograph Canadian wildlife and the northern lights in one of the best locations in the world to capture the Aurora. 

I am referring to the Yukon. It is here where you will close your eyes and breathe in crisp Yukon air. Smell spruce sap and the earthy scent of tundra, and listen for the excited howls of husky sled dogs. But the real magic happens when you open your eyes and drink in Yukon landscapes under dancing aurora borealis.

Come with me on a vacation in Canada's Yukon, it is a larger than life experience.